Remote Utility Management

Monitor Any Asset, Anywhere, At Any Time.

Technology Should Be Simple

Traditionally, massive infrastructure projects are monitored by people physically inspecting them. This has been a drag on profits for years and in many cases a cause for loss of revenue and environmental disaster.

Every company on earth is searching for a solution to simplify remote monitoring with technology.

Where Technology is Failing

The use of high-precision remote sensing technologies (drones/sUAS) to audit facilities is time consuming and often requires maintaining a massive database of raw photos and videos.

This has replaced one problem with an entirely new one. It requires multiple teams and utility personnel onsite to verify and ensure timely auditing.

Paradigm Shift in Data Processing

Cytta’s IGAN Fusion platform allows management personnel to virtually participate across wide areas and to help streamline audits, decisions, resource planning, and operational priorities.

By introducing a real-time video communications platform, utility managers can see what’s happening in the field and provide guidance or direction remotely.

SUPR compression is currently utilized by the military to stream high-resolution video
in real-time utilizing multiple video collection assets.

How It Works


Most major critical infrastructure spans a long distance into remote regions of the country. IGAN Fusion can stream 4k video over any satellite so remote monitors can view in real time.

Streaming Quality

Being able to visibly make out a problem is key in utility management. SUPR Compression streams the highest quality video for the lowest bandwidth on earth.

Stream video from the most remote regions of the world.

Filling the Data Storage and Streaming Gap

SUPR Compression solves numerous challenges that have previously been associated with streaming and storing high-quality video:

Use Cases For IGAN Fusion & SUPR


Tens of thousands of miles of oil pipes cross America and have minimal maintenance. Simplifying this process is paramount.


Most land-cargo is sent by rail, a piece of critical infrastructure. Maintaining these lines should be easy and seamless.

Solar Farms

Remote monitoring massive solar farms improves response rate to problems, reducing repair cost and driving more revenue.

Wind Farms

On land or in the ocean, wind farms have massive blades and motors that require constant monitoring, which costs a fortune.

SUPR Compression Allows For Manual or Automated Control of
Bit Rate and Frame Rate

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