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Streaming and Storing – Videos and Images

SUPR Capable

SUPR Compression embedded in any hardware or software unlocks the highest quality video streaming capabilities with ultra-low latency, bandwidth and power consumption.

How Data Needs are Transforming

Smart phones and social media platforms have changed how the world communicates. This has created an unprecedented demand for low-bandwidth, high-definition live mobile streaming. At the current rate, 82% of all traffic in 2022 will come from video & images.

Current systems are not viable for sustained streaming and storage. Prolonged and growing usage is expected to overwhelm data centers and internet service providers. Without improved compression, video and image standards will start to lag behind consumer and enterprise expectations

Paradigm Shift in Data Processing

The average file size is increasing exponentially. This is creating stress on our physical and digital infrastructure. By looking at image processing in a fundamentally different manner, we are able to fulfill future demand for high-quality image/video transfer and storage.

SUPR compression represents a Superior Utilization of Processing Resources (SUPR).
SUPR compression is currently utilized by the military to stream high-resolution video
in real-time utilizing multiple video collection assets.

SUPR Specs

CPU Resources

SUPR™ requires 1/100th the computational resources of H.264/H.265 & VP9.

Using the same hardware, you are now able to unlock significantly more capabilities.

File Size

SUPR™ provides 4:1 lossless and over 25000:1+ lossy compression ratios.

SUPR can compress a 5.6GB .TIFF file into 20MB with no visible reduction to quality.

Streaming Quality

SUPR™ superior 4K+ Video quality at 24 fps under 1 Mbps and HD video under 200 Kbps.

Reducing bandwidth while providing a better customer experience. No spinning wheel of death.

The higher the video and image quality,
the better our compression works.

Filling the Data Storage and Streaming Gap

SUPR Compression solves numerous challenges that have previously been associated with streaming and storing high-quality video:

Use Cases For SUPR Compression

Video Streaming

Data coming from the cameras on phones and computers is dense. Compression provides customers with better user experiences while reducing stress on networks.


Unlock Beyond Visual Line of Sight capabilities with real-time video. Compression allows drones to instantly deliver high-quality feeds to pilots anywhere on earth.

Medical Devices

Medical images are extremely high-quality files, in many different spectrum. Having the capability to reduce these file sizes directly affects your bottom line.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision relies on real time video analysis. 100x increase in encode and decode time provides higher utility in mission critical implementations.

Spatial Data

Spatial data includes videos, pictures, and files that come from different types of sensors. Without SUPR you cannot live stream this data on low-bandwidth connections.

Internet of Things

Enable enhanced edge device/IoT capabilities and performance requiring video transmission to cloud and edge computing services.

Satellite Comms

With bandwidth bottlenecks, compression increases the data throughput and revenue potential. Increased quality of experience will drive adoption.

Data Centers

SUPR allows data centers to double their file-storage capacity overnight. Reducing costs for physical hardware and bandwidth required to move files.

SUPR Compression Allows For Manual or Automated Control of
Bit Rate and Frame Rate

Introducing SUPR Stream

A state-of-the-art hardware and software solution for enterprises focused on streaming and storing
large video and image files. Encrypted by default with AES 256 to meet strict compliance standards.

SUPR Stream is a fully functional computer with extended features:

SUPR is patented in all major markets and delivers on the crucial goals in codec development: Operate very efficiently at a low-bandwidth, and achieve lower bit rates, and smaller file sizes without sacrificing viewing quality, speed, or computational resources.

What could you build with compression?


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