Incident Global Area Network

Live-Stream Multiple Drone Video Feeds Between
Police, Fire, & First Responders

Connecting Mission Critical Infrastructure to the Digital World

The Incident Global Area Network (IGAN) provides police, fire, and first responders with real-time situational awareness by connecting all assets, including: drones, phone cams, body cams, bomb robots, video feeds, and 2-way radios with sub-half-second latency high-quality video streaming.

Critical Communication Gaps

Police, firefighters, and other first responders struggle to communicate during a crisis. In emergencies, the people on the front lines are lacking the affordable and deployable communication resources needed to properly assess the situation in real-time.

When terror strikes, if our communications fail, there are human lives on the line. The IGAN Fusion represents an Incident Global Area Network (IGAN), proven within cities throughout the USA.

Connecting Communications During Emergencies

Phone and Radio Interoperability

The IGAN Fusion acts as a middleware with "live" connectivity between legacy 2-way radio, land line, SIP trunks, PBX phones, and smart devices.

Video Monitoring
and Live Streaming

Seamlessly integrate in seconds “ANY" video feed from mobile and stationary video cameras. Everyone everywhere can view and talk in real-time.

Geolocation and

Locate your peers and other first responders by name, organization, and coordinates. This provides instant intelligence when and where it matters most.

Connectivity Agnostic

IGAN is inter-operable across any configuration, including: Satellite-Cell-WiFi solutions, FirstNet, cell carriers, satellite communications networks, and hybrid configurations.

IGAN connects any smart device to current critical infrastructure to share information in real-time. This allows any first responder to connect both legacy and modern audio and video feeds simultaneously.

Current Use Cases

Military &
First Responders

Simple, deployable solution to manage all streams of data in times of crisis. Mobile units can be deployed anywhere in a moments notice.

Control Rooms

Video and images arrive from dozens of sources. Events & more can easily monitor a network of cameras in real-time.

Real Time

Integrate a variety of video sources: mobile, desktop, drone, and other, into an integrated multi-party video distribution system on-prem or Cloud.

Introducing IGAN Fusion

A simple, secure, field-deployable system to stream all video and audio sources to an emergency operations center.
Receive real-time video during mission critical scenarios to meet situational awareness needs.

IGAN Fusion Technical Information:

IGAN Fusion is currently being deployed with Fire Fighters, Police & Military Units across the United States.

Could IGAN Fusion help you in the next emergency?


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