Unified Communications

For All First Responders

Communication Provides Safety.

Designed as a first-of-its-kind Incident Command System (ICS) – IGAN Fusion is a real-time unified communications platform where multiple feeds of video and voice enabled devices are merged under one single unified communications dashboard.  Any connected device can securely connect and interact over the highly secure platform including:

Technology is Everywhere.

In our world, we are surrounded by technology. Smartphones, laptops, watches, cars, almost everything you see is an electronic today. This is no different for first responders.

First Responders use drones, robots, smartphones, laptops, dashcams, and bodycams to better understand an environment and provide safety to citizens. It is of the most importance that our first responders are able to use this technology to their benefit.

Connection is Key

The same way humans communicate, our technology needs to as well. This allows us to better analyze a video or audio stream in real time, ultimately letting a first responder act on that information.

Cytta Corp is bringing together any type of communication tool and connecting it into a single source of truth. One simple web panel that gives you every piece of information in an emergency.

IGAN Fusion is currently utilized by first responders around the world to stream high-resolution video and help save lives.

IGAN Fusion

Quick Deploy

Easily activate any camera or audio tool and begin streaming to a centralized location on-site or offsite at command.

Streaming Quality

The highest quality video and audio footage, even in low-quality service areas. This ensures the best results every time.

The most reliable video and audio streaming on earth.

Filling the Data Storage and Streaming Gap

Cytta is solving numerous challenges that have previously been associated with streaming and storing high-quality video:

Use Cases For IGAN Fusion

Law Enforcement

Seamlessly bringing together all sources of video and audio into a central location, opening the door for real-time transparency.


Live-streaming video of dangerous environments keeps our firefighters out of harm while allowing them to do their job faster than ever before.


Doctors offsite can securely provide insight and assistance to first responders in the field. Remote Medical Monitoring.

Mental Health

Trained professionals can livestream audio and video from officers responding to incidents. Providing de-escalation as a service.

SUPR Compression Allows For Manual or Automated Control of
Bit Rate and Frame Rate

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