Emergency Communication

When You Need It Most

Storms Are Getting Worse

Cytta makes the ability to coordinate and respond to natural disasters and catastrophes much easier and simplified. Any equipment, any government branch, one centralized communication tool.

Today's Failure is Tomorrows Success

Today’s solutions are focused around the integration of voice and 2-way Land-Mobile-Radio (LMR) systems.  During a crisis response there can be two dozen independent municipal and federal entities that need to coordinate communications. 

Two dozen independent entities that are unable to easily communicate. This is a problem every person can visualize and personally relate too.

The Networks Already Exist

 FirstNet makes that easier by providing the network for all potential communication between first responders. What they do not do is include video and multi-agency collaboration/direction.

Cytta Corp provides the interoperable communications between every department and agency responding to a national disaster. This will reduce confusion and significantly increase the effectiveness of every branch deployed.

SUPR compression is currently utilized by the federal first responders to stream high-resolution video in real-time utilizing multiple video collection assets.

How it Works


Every department uses a different tool, you can easily connect any device into a central portal bringing together everyone's communications.


Our proprietary compression provides the highest quality video and audio streams on earth. This allows us to use low-bandwidth networks for easy communications.

When local networks are down, IGAN Fusion thrives.

Use Cases For IGAN Fusion & SUPR


Forest fires rage in the most remote regions of the country, limiting access to normal services. We ensure everyone is able to talk.


Networks can be disrupted by fault lines, buildings falling or worse. Our networks are satellite or pop-up and can instantly provide comms.


Flooding and strong winds knock out communications for weeks or months. Standup networks can stream to anyone, anytime.


Extreme cold weather is becoming more common, damaging wired communications and disrupting traditional rescue services.

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