Our Proprietary Android Control Interface (PACI) Powers the VeriSmartPhone™

Cytta Corp. has created a unique and proprietary mobile proprietary android control interface (PACI) in the VeriSmartPhone™/Cloud based data capture system and bi-directional data/video transportation highway.

  • The Cytta VeriSmartPhone™ system, successfully combines all off-the-shelf connected bluetooth devices, with our proprietary VeriSmartPhone™/PACI Cellular and WiFi transmission platform, connecting to our VeriSmartPhone™ OracleCloud Platform to deliver data, voice and video bidirectionally in real time anywhere, any time.

  • Our proprietary PACI/VeriSmartPhone™ remote data/video capture technology works over any cellular Network, a proprietary smartphone based, Mobile, Satellite, and WiFi open source platform, and our Oracle Cloud Data and Analytics Platform. 

  • The VeriSmartPhone™/PACI Platform gives us the unique ability to deliver the data/video to industry in real time for instant evaluation and immediate response.

Cytta VeriSmartPhone™ - A truly unique development
  • PACI allows the VeriSmartPhone™ to connects wirelessly and collects data from any Bluetooth (BT) device.

  • The VeriSmartPhone™ also receives and sends instructions to all BT devices.

  • Any device’s BT Data is automatically received by VeriSmartPhone™.  

  • VeriSmartPhone™ “thinks” - Requires NO user interaction, intervention or typing.

  • PACI software adds significant capabilities at the Android operating system level.

  • We’re leveraging the full power of smartphone microprocessors.