Gary Campbell, CEO

Prior to his development of the VeriSmartPhone™ at Cytta Corp, Mr. Campbell was CEO of Rocketinfo which developed instant news delivery technology (, prior to its sale. Previously as a founder of ScreenPhone/ScreenMD, he partnered with Samsung to develop software and reprogrammed Samsung’s Anyweb internet appliance to become the world’s first web-based remote medical monitoring system.

While with Telemac (Rental Accounting) Corp. (TRAC), reprogrammed cellphone chipsets to create prepaid and rental mobile phones.  This MVNO technology was licensed to the current TRACfone prepaid mobile telephone company.  Mr. Campbell founded CanCall Cellular to introduce the Telemac technology to the cellular rental market.  Cancall became the largest US national provider of cellular rental services, and AT&T’s exclusive national cellular rental administrator. Previously, Mr. Campbell funded, developed, and listed International Verifact the developer of today’s ubiquitous electronic credit card verification terminal.

Mr. Campbell also serves the managing principal of the GMC Group which operates Unified Financial Inc. his family’s multi-generational investment arm. Mr. Campbell and his family office have personally developed, financed and or listed numerous technology companies.   Mr. Campbell has degrees in both Commerce and Law from the University of BC.


Erik Stephansen, President

Mr. Stephansen is a mobile communications strategist and a key architect of the Cytta Connect remote monitoring IOT/Cloud ecosystem. He is responsible for the development and integration of several Cytta technologies that enrich the end-user mobile experience.

Previously, Mr. Stephansen worked in Private Equity for over ten years advising buyers on technology integration for the Castle Crow & Company. He consulted for Fortune 500 companies, including Cisco, Microsoft, Ciber, and Panda Restaurant Group, TacoBell brands on merger strategies requiring a complex integration of technology, financial and communication services. While at Ciber, Mr. Stephansen developed enterprise solutions and integrated IBM, Microsoft, and EMC2 remote computing systems.

Mr. Stephansen is also currently CEO and President of LAM Aviation, a FAA technology partner developing Stability Augmentation and specialized High-Lift wing control systems, utilizing patented aileron and flap innovations that provide new “variable” flight control geometries. Mr. Stephansen has served on several advisory boards including YourAmigo, an Australian search engine optimization company.

Mr. Stephansen has extensive experience in the medical, financial services, hardware, and software industries. He is a Business Economics graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara with specialized studies from UC Berkeley and advanced engineering Certificates from Stanford University. He is an avid skier and aerobatic pilot.


Michael Collins, Chief Visionary Officer, Director of Digital Media

Mr. Collins currently leads the Cytta ‘SUPER’ Compression design and implementation team.  He works directly with the team of software engineers responsible for all updates and revisions to the product and the underlying algorithms.  Mr. Collins has over 20 years of experience in developing, designing and operating digital imaging, network, and telecommunications companies. He was formerly the President of the original entity responsible for the product and business development, marketing and sales of the revolutionary SUPER™ compression technology in defense, government, business, and commercial areas.

Mr. Collins is currently working on the design, implementation and business development of several compression driven leading-edge video technologies with All Mobile Video and All Mobile Vision. He is leading the integration of Cytta’s compression and PACI technology within the standard mobile video interface to provide a seamless 4K consumer experience.

Mr. Collins also has extensive film and imaging experience including working in the entertainment industry in video and digital image production. Additionally, Mr. Collins served for many years as an active Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) volunteering as part of his County’s First Responder network.


Gary R. Brown, V.P. Product Management

Mr. Brown is responsible for managing software integration and strategy at Cytta’s SUPR Tech compression division. He leads the design and implementation of SUPR Tech Software Video Compression as a Service (SVCS), which involves transporting 4K Video over low bandwidth wireless networks to enable new media services, content visualization, and analytics. SUPR Tech SVCS will optimize the way organizations use video services as an essential part of their analytic programs and a critical part of their standard operating systems.

Mr. Brown’s experience in designing video compression business solutions, data analytics systems, autonomous drone applications, and optimized wireless network technologies, will create new product categories for SUPR Tech’s AI/analytics and video systems.

Mr. Brown has over 40 years of Product Management experience with complex software services. He was COO of a software-based switching company that raised $120M and he managed the company while it exceeded its business goals until it was sold to an industry leader. Mr. Brown’s high technology background allows him to envision new service requirements and implement them with a startup mentality. He has worked for several telecommunication carriers including Verizon’s Data Analytics group and their vendors such as Nortel, Terabridge, Tekelec, and DSC.

Mr. Brown has a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo.


Daniel P. Jacoy, V.P. Finance and Business Strategy

Mr. Jacoy was recently CFO of Tectonic Audio Labs & Tectonic Elements Ltd., a pro-audio and electronics components and sub-assemblies manufacturing and sales company. Mr. Jacoy was also CFO of Blue Marble Network, an international maritime telecommunications company. In addition to all financial matters he designed and implemented Business Support Systems that integrated with Operational Support Systems.
Prior to his operating experience, Mr. Jacoy, principal and portfolio manager of Curo Asset Management, LLC where he developed and managed fixed income and equity portfolios for individual, institutional and insurance company clients. Previously, he was Vice President of Ariston Capital Management, where his responsibilities included convertible securities portfolio management, securities analysis and trading. During his tenure the Ariston Convertible Securities Fund (CNCVX) was ranked number one in its asset class in 1999 by Lipper Analytical. His work experience also includes investment management and financial operations responsibilities at Fidelity Investments and Commercial Union Insurance Companies in Boston, Massachusetts and Unigard Insurance Group in Bellevue, Washington.
Mr. Jacoy received a bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance from Western Washington University. Mr. Jacoy served as Treasurer and Board Member for the Council for Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect from 1993 to 1997.


Lee Skoblow, V.P. Investor Relations and Market Strategy

Mr. Skoblow began his career in the field of Communications with Peter Rogen and Associates, a premier executive communications skills training company based in New York. He was responsible for sales and delivery of presentation skills and sales training workshops. Mr. Skoblow also worked with Trudi Bresner and Associates an international executive coaching and communication skills company. He developed the Financial Services vertical targeting investment banks, private equity and venture capital firms.

Mr. Skoblow then worked for Strategic Growth International an Investor Relations firm based in New York. He arranged analyst calls, non-roadshow and roadshow broker meetings around the country as well as press releases and general communication with shareholders and investors. He started Liaison Group in 1993, an Investor Relations firm, focused on micro-cap public companies.

Mr. Skoblow has held a Series 72 and 63 licenses in the securities industry and worked for a number of boutique Investment Banks in New York.