Cytta Offers VeriSmartPhone & VeriSmartEngine IoT-Cloud Solutions 

Cytta VeriSmartPhone & VeriSmartEngine IoT/Cloud solutions are available for many industries.

Cytta Corp. has created a unique and proprietary mobile IoT Cloud based data capture system and bi-directional data transportation highway.

  • The Cytta Connect system, successfully combines all off-the-shelf connected bluetooth devices, with our VeriSmartPhone Cellular and WiFi transmission platform, connecting to our VeriSmartPhone IoT Cloud Platform to deliver data, voice and video bidirectionally in real time anywhere, any time.

  • The Cytta remote data capture system works over a 4G LTE cellular Network, a proprietary smartphone based, Mobile, Satellite, and WiFi open source platform, and the VeriSmartEngine IoT Cloud Data and Analytics Platform. 

  • The VeriSmartPhone and the VeriSmartEngine Cloud Platform give us the unique ability to deliver the data to industry Groups in real time for instant evaluation and immediate response.