Doctor Direct Healthcare Platform

About DoctorDirect

  • Unique Online Platform Solution to growing Problems in Healthcare

  • Takes advantage  of government mandated directives in healthcare such as Quality Driven Cost Reductions

  • Only Proprietary Technology that is proven through live patient Clinical Trials

  • Leverages Internet of Things (IoT) with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Mobility, Drives Global Ubiquity - expansive market

  • SAAS Model drives consistent and sustainable profitability - Supports expanding Valuation Multiples

  • Traction in Developing Strategic Partnerships with Global Tech and Medical Partners

  • Impact solution for Global Healthcare Industry

  • Doctor Direct is "P4 Medicine": Predictive, Personalized, Preventive and Participatory. Doctor Direct's long term targets are to prevent our sicknesses, increase our longevity and optimize our health and wellness.

Problems in Healthcare

  • Lack of fast access to the primary care doctor – unnecessary ER visits

  • Hospitals get heavily penalized for readmission within 30 day period

  • Compliance with Government Regulations

  • Current available systems in telehealth are not user friendly and rely on internet or landline

  • 27% of the US population generates 66% of the costs ($2 Trillion) - our targeted market

  • Doctors make health decisions based upon non-consistent, intermittent, unreliable data

Our Solution - Doctor Direct

  • Integration with EMR (Electronic Medical Records) & EHR (Electronic Health records)

  • Ambulatory care for chronic disease management – Eliminates Re-admission penalties

  • Doctor can prescribe medicine without seeing patient in his office based on accurate daily readings

  • Doctor gets paid by insurance up to $100/ patient/ month with new CPT Codes

  • Portable system that allows patient to enjoy day to day life activities outside of their home.