Data Compression
  • Today’s state-of-the-art video/image compression methods for high compression ratios are time consuming and require complex processors and large memory with high bus bandwidth. This increases latency, consumed power/heat, hardware size and cost, while decreasing battery life of mobile and portable devices.
  • Our SUPER™ Compression is an exciting opportunity to address the demanding high-quality, low-power consumption and low-bandwidth, ultra high resolution video/image market with Superior Utilization of Processing for Error Resilience (SUPER™)
  • The SUPER™ Compression Video/Image Codec is the next-generation technology, providing ultra low latency, mathematically lossless and lossy video/image compression and decompression.
  • Cytta’s SUPER™ Compression is orders of magnitude faster at any compression ratio, with the higher or the same perceived and measured decompressed video/image quality, when compared with today’s best compression methods. Cytta uses significantly less system resources – processor throughput, memory size, bus bandwidth, power consumption.