Cytta Wi-VHFi™ Broadband Technology

Cytta Wi-VHFi™ technology utilizes vacant TV frequencies to deliver greatly improved broadband connectivity.

  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), has agreed to allow the use of vacant TV frequencies or Whitespace to provide broadband connectivity.
  • Cytta’s patented Wi-VHFi™ technology opens up broadband for large areas at very low cost.
  • Whitespaces are vacant frequencies located between broadcast TV channels in the VHF/UHF range, located between 54 MHz and 806 MHz.
  • Consumers rely on broadband to deliver rich content and streaming video  to multiple, connected devices (smartphones, tablets, computers) for use in and out of the home.
  • Broadband and particularly mobile broadband wireless connectivity are becoming more essential to our daily lives.

Mobile Broadband

  • Smartphone connectivity using mobile broadband is the most essential kind of connectivity. It is virtually impossible to survive today without your smartphone (anyone with children experiences this daily)!
  • Due to the limitations of current antenna technology, related to the size of antenna required, only the UHF spectrum (frequencies 300 – 3000 MHz) are available for mobile broadband. This is the essential conundrum of mobile broadband and the utilization of Whitespace broadband.
  • Cytta’s paradigm shifting Wi-VHFi™ antenna technology creates the use of the VHF spectrum (frequencies 30-300 MHz) with much smaller antennas and, thereby, solves the smartphone problem.
  • Cytta Wi-VHFi™ gives Carriers and Content Providers a less expensive solution to reach larger audiences.

Whitespace has Superior Qualities for all Broadband

  • The availability and unique qualities of the Whitespace frequencies promise to make broadband faster, less expensive and more widely available, especially in rural areas, where TV Whitespace is more abundant.
  • The Whitespace signal is robust, is unaffected by weather, works well in rugged terrain and requires little infrastructure to deploy.

Cytta patented Wi-VHFi™ Technological Improvements – GRAT Antenna

  • Cytta’s proprietary wireless Mesh Network Wi-VHFi™ utilizes our patented Cytta Resonant Active Tunable-GRAT Antenna that provides substantially better range and efficiency for each tower, which means that we can cover very large areas quickly and at a significantly lower cost.