Cytta last mile Wi-VHFi™ Broadband Technology

  • Consumers have access to multiple connected devices (smartphones, tablets, computers), for use in and out of the home – the clear majority relying on wireless technologies or broadband.
  • Today broadband and particularly mobile broadband (smartphone) wireless connectivity is essential to our lives. Cytta last mile Wi-VHFi™ technology greatly improves broadband connectivity.
  • Hundreds of millions of wirelessly-connected devices are coming online, all requiring wireless connectivity and bandwidth, further increasing demand for bandwidth or ‘electromagnetic spectrum’ resources.
  • Available spectrum resources are being constrained in many markets, and broadband access remains unavailable and/or unaffordable for many people.
  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), has agreed to allow the use of vacant TV frequencies or Whitespace to provide broadband connectivity. We believe the opportunity to utilize the Whitespace spectrum represents a golden opportunity to profit from this newly created resource. The patented Cytta Wi-VHFi™ technology guarantees us a significant position in this industry.
  • Whitespaces are vacant frequencies located between broadcast TV channels in the VHF/UHF range, located between 54 MHz and 806 MHz.
  • The VHF (very high frequency) range includes channels 2 through 13, located between 30 MHz and 300 MHz on the electromagnetic spectrum, while the UHF (ultra high frequency) range includes channels 14 through 51, located at 300 MHz and up.

Mobile Broadband

  • Smartphone connectivity using mobile broadband is the most essential kind of connectivity. It is virtually impossible to survive today without your smartphone (anyone with children experiences this daily)!
  • Due to the limitations of current antenna technology, related to the size of antenna required, only the UHF spectrum (frequencies 300 – 3000 MHz) are available for mobile broadband. This is the essential conundrum of mobile broadband and the utilization of Whitespace broadband.
  • Cytta’s paradigm shifting Wi-VHFi™ antenna technology creates the use of the VHF spectrum (frequencies 30-300 MHz) with much smaller antennas and, thereby, solves the smartphone problem.
  • Now, mobile phone Carriers can utilize the exponentially larger coverage radius of VHF Whitespace spectrum to provide service. Our new Wi-VHFi™ access by Cytta, gives Carriers and Content Providers a less expensive solution to reach larger audiences.

Whitespace has Superior Qualities for all Broadband

  • The availability and unique qualities of the Whitespace frequencies promise to make broadband faster, less expensive and more widely available, especially in rural areas, where TV Whitespace is more abundant.
  • The Whitespace signal is robust, is unaffected by weather, works well in rugged terrain and requires little infrastructure to deploy.

Cytta patented last mile Wi-VHFi™ Technological Improvements – GRAT Antenna

  • Cytta’s proprietary wireless Mesh Network Wi-VHFi™ utilizes our patented Cytta Resonant Active Tunable-GRAT Antenna that provides substantially better range and efficiency for each tower, which means that we can cover very large areas quickly and at a significantly lower cost.