Darren Pleasance is SVP of Global Strategy, Planning and Operations at Cisco. Previously, he led the Global Customer Acquisitions team for Alphabet (formerly Google Inc.), dedicated to driving Google’s growth in the global small to medium-sized business (SMB) space across a diverse set of countries and industries. Darren also served as a partner in McKinsey and Company’s North American Marketing & Sales Practice, where he was the founder and co-leader of McKinsey’s global SMB practice

Dr. Marilyn Harz RN Ph.D. – Senior Vice President of the Heritage Provider Network, is a Health and Care Integration Specialist with major health plans and other healthcare companies to ensure compliance with quality management and improvement requirements for Medicare patients.  Dr. Harz was formerly Director of Nursing for Scan Healthcare Systems and Director of Education for San Pedro Peninsula Hospital.  Dr. Harz has a B.S. Degree in Nursing, a M.N. Degree in Pediatrics with an additional subspecialty in Neonatology, and a Ph.D. in Education.  Dr. Harz developed the original concept and medical protocols for the Samsung ScreenMD internet appliance in the late 1990s and for the Cytta/Doctor Direct VeriSmartPhone™ remote monitoring technology.

Harvey Sussman, Pharm.D, is a Pharmacist and former owner and principal of Midatlantic Home Infusion, Inc., a major purveyor of home-based infusion materials with particular expertise in treating complex patients requiring inotropic/cardiac therapies, intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG), total parenteral nutrition and intravenous pain management.  Midatlantic was acquired by Flexpoint Partners, LLC in 2006.