Cytta Connect™ is the world’s first open source Special Purpose Cellular and Satellite Network™.  Originally introduced in the Healthcare Industry and now available for the Oil and Gas Industry, our unique system allows us to connect all forms of Bluetooth enabled  monitoring devices seamlessly through an Android Smartphone.  

The Cytta Connect™ system delivers an individual's health data in real-time to our Instant electronic biometric record or EBR™.  This automatic and cloud based medical data repository is easily customized to fit with your health requirements through the use of the Cytta Cloud Engine™.  

The Cytta Connect™ system also delivers remote well site data in real-time to our Industrial Data Repository  or IDR™.  This automatic and cloud based O&G data repository is easily customized to fit with your information requirements through the use of the Cytta Cloud Engine™.  

Cytta Connect™ frees you from being trapped into acquiring expensive and proprietary monitoring devices and paying for restrictive connection technology to remotely monitor individuals, sites and equipment. Cytta Connect™ is simple, easy to use, and it works everywhere!

Cytta Connect™ is very cost effective and works with most manufacturers’ off-the-shelf Bluetooth enabled monitoring devices.  The Cytta Connect™ system works seamlessly using cellular mobile service, WIFI networks, and we now offer a global Satellite connection, too.  

Cytta Connect™ is currently implementing clinical monitoring systems for Healthcare Providers to monitor Asthma, COPD, Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity as well as several other major chronic conditions and causes of hospital readmissions. 

We also offer a wide range of consumer driven wellness monitoring solutions and now a range of solutions designed for remote monitoring in the O&G industry.   

Please review the results of an independent study by clicking on the Whitepaper section for recent Pilot Program results. Contact us today about designing a program for your specialized health and wellness and O&G monitoring needs.

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