Cytta Connect is an open source cellular network designed to allow our partners to implement a white label remote patient monitoring system using any chosen medical application and off-the-shelf connected health devices. It gives patients the tools to track their health, instantly communicate with their caregivers. and improve their wellbeing.  It gives providers and clinicians the patient-generated data and engagement platform they need to make critical care decisions, communicate with patients, and add a reimbursable remote monitoring component to their medical practice's.

Cytta Corp. has created a unique and proprietary mobile medical data capture system and data transportation highway.  The Cytta Connect system, successfully combines all off-the-shelf connected health devices, with our unlocked smartphone transmission platform, operating on our proprietary ‘Special Purpose AT&T Cellular Network,’ to deliver patient data in real time anywhere any time.

The Cytta remote data capture system works over our Special Purpose Network, utilizing 4G LTE AT&T domestic and international SIMS, a proprietary smartphone based, Mobile, Satellite, and WiFi open source platform, a cloud-based relational data repository.  This Network gives us the unique ability to deliver the patient data to Physician and Medical Groups in real time for instant evaluation and response.

The CyttaConnect technology automatically connects all remote monitoring devices to Cytta's cloud-based data repository creating real time communication for the Healthcare/Telehealth industries.