Cytta Corp. VeriSmartPhones For The Internet of Things

Cytta Corp. Is An Internet Of Things (IoT) Remote Monitoring Connectivity System And Is Known For Its Cytta Connect Open Source WiFi, Cellular And Satellite VeriSmartPhone™ Platform, A Highly Scalable And Secure IoT Two Way Real Time Monitoring Solution Utilizing The Oracle Cloud Platform.

The Cytta VeriSmartPhone™  technology consists of an ‘intelligent’ rooted android smartphone reprogrammed at the operating system level as a bidirectional IoT control interface.

This reprogrammed very smart phone automatically connects all Bluetooth remote  monitoring devices to the Oracle Cloud Big Data and analytics platform, and from there to the designated recipients, allowing immediate two-way real time data, video and voice communication.

Our remote data capture system works with any bluetooth device, over the cellular network, using our proprietary VeriSmartPhone based, Mobile and WiFi connectivity platform, sending data to the Cytta/Oracle IoT and Cloud Big Data and Analytics Platform.
The Cytta Connect technology automatically connects all remote monitoring devices to Cytta and Oracle's cloud-based data repository creating real time two way communication for all IoT market segments